Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Chair for Mr. Adler

We were pretty excited when Jonathan Adler's design assistant called us up and said that Mr. Adler wanted to buy our large bronze lounge chair by Warren Platner for Knoll. Excited for one, because, well, it was a pretty expensive chair, and for two, there's a certain cool factor in saying that Jonathan Adler himself owns a chair that we provided and restored!

About that restoration - we found the chair as a bare frame with no upholstery whatsoever, as seen in the above picture. In order to furnish the chair with the appropriate cushion, Mario, our ace upholsterer, had to cut a template out of stiff cardboard so he would have something rigid to attach the foam to. Every stitch on this chair is hand sewn, because there's not a straight line on the entire chair! Mario said that this was one of the most challenging chairs he'd ever done, right up there with an Arne Jacobsen Egg chair.

We can see why - there's nothing about this piece that's straightforward! However, he totally came through and did an amazing job, and the luscious bright orange mohair that Mr. Adler chose to upholster the chair in might have been the perfect choice!

Mario brought the chair over on Tuedsay, and Plycon showed up first thing on Wednesday to pick it up, at which point I realized that I hadn't taken any pics of the finished product! So, while the Plycon guys stood around, I quickly snapped some shots. Apologies that they are not up to our usual standards, but as they say, they're better than nothing!

The chair is currently on its way to Mr. Adler in NYC, here's hoping that he's as pleased with it as we were!


Dagny @ Scandinavian Chic said...

Wow, it looks amazing!! And the orange is SO adler!!

:) Dagny

Janus Home said...

The funniest thing about the orange is that a few days after we had completed the chair, Adler's office called and asked "if it was too late to do the chair in a different material". I said, "well, it's not too late if you don't mind paying an extra $1000 to have the chair re-reupholstered!" They said "oh. I guess we'll keep the orange". ;-)

The Elegant Thrifter said...

Amazing restoration job. And your upholsterer...what great craftsmanship!

Randiga TrĂ¥den said...


Wonderful Life! said...

I found a Warren Platner Easy Chair and Ottoman this weekend at an estate sale. I'm very excited and would love to any information you could give me on how to market the chair. I have not seen a chair upholstered in the style of the one I found. I could send pics if it helps. Also it is in 'as found' condition, appears that someone used silver spray paint on the ottoman base! ugh...Thanks! Your chair turned out fantastic!

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