Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A random musical coincidence involving The Bevis Frond that probably no one will care about

The back story:
The Bevis Frond are one of my favorite bands. Although they (or, more accurately, HE, as The Bevis Frond is about 98% Nick Saloman) are fairly obscure, they have also been putting out records for a gazillion years and have almost 20 albums out. So, needless to say, they have a fairly devoted, if rather small, fan base, of which I am most definitely one. The Frond have stayed relentlessly independent, never putting out a record on a major label, and never having anything even close to a hit single. However, Nick Saloman did achieve a certain amount of recognition for his collaborations with Mary Lou Lord, a singer/songwriter who received some attention in the mid-late 1990s, and eventually scored a major label deal, and put out "Got No Shadow" in 1998, on WORK records (a subsidiary of Sony). On that record was a tune called "Lights are Changing", which was written by Nick Saloman, and originally appeared on The Bevis Frond's "Tryptich" record (and also on Mary Lou's first, self-titled EP).
The story:
New Year's Eve. I'm driving to the grocery store. The Bevis Frond's "London Stone" (the album and, coincidentally, the song) is in the CD player. I am enjoying. I park, walk into New Seasons, grab my Asiago cheese and start to consider what kind of beer I want. As I'm standing in the beer aisle, pondering my choices, what should start playing over the grocery store music system but Mary Lou Lord's version of "Lights are Changing" (which, as you remember, is a Bevis Frond cover).


Now, the thing is that there's absolutely no way that an actual Bevis Frond song would get played at New Seasons (while they have a pretty hip selection of music, especially for a grocery store - when was the last time YOU heard "Look Sharp" by Joe Jackson or "Crystal Days" by Echo & the Bunnymen at YOUR local grocery store??). So, as far as this goes, that Mary Lou Lord song is probably as close as anyone's ever gonna get to hearing The Bevis Frond in a grocery store. And I was there, probably the only person in the store who could appreciate the oddness of it all. And I JUST HAPPENED to be listening to The Bevis Frond in my car, 2 minutes before "Lights are Changing" came on over the loudspeakers.

I told you no one would care.

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Brian said...

I care! I've seen the Frond twice here in Cleveland. Who would have ever thought that could happen? On both occasions I got to talk to Nick, and he is incredibly nice. He let us videotape his show! What a guy.