Tuesday, February 3, 2009

3 Wishes from Janus Home Granted: Part 1.

First off, I guess I should apologize for being so slack-assed about posting on this here blog. When my own mother says "well, I thought about following your blog, but you don't post very much, so I didn't really see the point". OUCH. Point taken. From now on, I shall be a blogging fool. So, without further ado, may I present to you ...Karen Reisinger and her FABULOUS NEW WROUGHT IRON GARDEN CART!!
As you may be aware, last month Janus Home had a shindig called "Third Time's a Charm/Three Wishes from Janus Home". I won't get into the (lengthy) back story behind the name, but the point is that we (actually, Kelly - credit where credit is due and all that) decided that it would be a great thing if we gave some stuff away. At first I was like "you wanna do what??", but then the more I thought about it, the more it actually started to make sense.

So, we had a party, and invited everyone who attended to present us with "Three Wishes" - basically, anything that they wanted from our store, they could wish for. Three times. We would then pick out three people and grant one each of their wishes! If you couldn't figure it out, Karen, pictured above, was lucky winner #1, becoming the proud new owner of the awesome wrought iron garden cart (I always thought it was a bar cart, but who cares) she's pictured with.

Perhaps even MORE exciting than that (for us, anyway!), Karen also requested our design services - she needed help with her fabulous Raleigh Hills ranch (which is virtually untouched cosmetically from the '50s!) - and we were glad to oblige. Karen's house is going to be quite the project, considering that virtually NOTHING has been updated, but hey, we're up for the challenge!

Karen doesn't know it yet, but we plan on integrating this awesome Tomlinson swiveling lounge chair that we just bought (refinished and reupholstered, of course) into her decor.
The wood frame will likely go dark, the upholstery perhaps a lush velvet, or creamy linen. It epitomizes the style that we'd like to see blossom in her ranch, in that it's clearly a period '50s piece, but it's not stereotypically "mid century modern" - in fact, it has quite a few traditional elements about it. It almost comes across as a little bit Hollywood Regency, but without the pomp and circumstance. "Transitional", you might call it - and undervalued, as well. Tomlinson is one of those high-end furniture makers from the '50s whose stuff just hasn't quite risen above the surface in today's decorative arts market - but I think it's great stuff with a very distinctive line. And this chair - come on - it was "Tailor Made" for Mr. & Mrs. Myron Fleishman! You sure as hell don't get history like THAT when you buy a piece of furniture from Crate & Barrel!

Stay Tuned for parts 2 & 3 of "Three Wishes from Janus Home", featuring Marti Accuardi and her 19th Century French Wine Rack (that she's having made into a table! I can't wait to see it!) and Anneliese Sitterly and her 4 JL Moller dining chairs!

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