Monday, March 16, 2009

Looking for Partners to Feature on

I'm looking for local PDX retailers who sell things that I don't sell, but that would fit in with the Janus Home design aesthetic (clean, modern, sustainable) to feature on the Janus Home website. The idea is that we would do a photo shoot at Janus Home using Janus Home's furniture, and integrate these other things into the shoot to round out the look. There would then be text explaining where the pieces came from, and a link on leading to the vendor's website.

We will be shooting four different "rooms", each in a different style. We are planning on shooting the following looks - "clean" modern, "family friendly" modern, industrial loft, and Hollywood Regency - but nothing is set in stone. There will likely be some intermixing of the looks as well, just to keep things interesting.

I hope this makes sense - if there is confusion, please feel free to shoot me an email and I will try to explain further.

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