Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Friday Night Follies, This Friday, April 3rd, 6-8pm.

This Friday, April 3rd, 4 antique/vintage furniture shops (including, of course, yours truly) will be participating in a joint sale/walkabout/wine&snackfest that I have dubbed, in shockingly original fashion, "Friday Night Follies"! Participating (in order, south to north) will be:

Bernadette Breu Experience, 1336 SE 6th Ave (corner of 6th & Madison, www.bernadettebreuantiques.com) featuring an endless array of fabulous antiques and decorative items);
Denali International (1338 SE Grand, featuring imported Chinese furniture, their new line of handmade industrial furnishings, and every now and then a vintage piece or two);
Janus Home (1324 SE Grand Ave, www.janushome.com, featuring World Class Vintage Furnishings) and
Simply Grand Antiques (1226 SE Grand Ave, www.simplygrandantiques.com featuring 10,000 SF of 19th-20th century European antiques).

For my part, everything in the store will be 20% off, with select merchandise up to 50% off! I don't know the exact specifics of what everyone else is doing as far as discounts go (although Bernadette mentioned 50% off lots of stuff), but regardless, it will definitely be worth your time to come down and come see what we all have to offer (and...um...drink some wine. On us. Not that we're bribing or anything).

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