Thursday, May 28, 2009

Graham Fracha is Good People

Years ago, my wife and I stumbled upon the paintings of Graham Fracha at Herkimer Coffee, a few blocks from where we lived in Seattle. We fell in love with his colorful, minimalist, playful renderings of groups of houses on Paul Klee-ish abstract landscapes. Alas, we were broke and could not afford to buy one. However, they definitely made an impression. So, I was happy to see that my friend Miles, who owns Ampersand Vintage, was having a showing of Graham's work, once again, a few blocks from my house. So, I went, appreciated Graham's paintings, met Graham, and proceeded to talk with him for the better part of an hour about all sorts of things. So, not only does he make great artwork, he's the rare artist who is a) not at all crazy, and b) an extremely pleasant person. Graham's work is showing at Ampersand all this month, so go check it out if you can.

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