Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Return of the JL Moller #78 Chairs

So I got the JL Moller chairs (see below for original post) back from Mario, the Upholsterer this week. The good news: they look fantastic. The bad news: the leather hide that I hoped would cover all 7 Moller chairs and 5 other smaller dining chair seats only covered 6 of the Moller chairs. Minor miscalculation. I guess I should be happy that he was able to do 6 chairs and not just 5! True to form, a designer came in on Monday and ogled the chairs, only to say "they're really beautiful...but I wish you had done them in white!" You can't win.

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Mini Becks said...

Hi -- I hope it isn't out of line to approach you with this, but we have a set of 10 of these chairs that need some restoration, primarily in the seats, as you noted in your post. I just wanted to ask if there's anything I should watch out for. I'm only beginning to understand how precious they are, and I wouldn't want to make any irreversible mistakes in having them worked on. Unfortunately, I can't do it myself! Thank you for any info you can provide, Anne Whipple, Great Falls, VA