Friday, May 22, 2009

My favorite thing...this week.

So last weekend I went up to Seattle to deliver a wedding present to my best friend in the form of a newly reupholstered couch. While I was there, of course I did some shopping. Out of all the stuff I bought, my favorite thing turned out to be this fantastic vintage tripod, which I'm going to have made into a lamp. The top camera-holder gadget (to use a technical term) pops right out, so the conversion will be a cinch. I love its simple, modernist lines, and the slightly industrial yet somehow luxe feel of it. Best of all is the use of mixed metals - copper, chrome and brass. I stood in the dealer's booth for at least 5 minutes debating on whether I should buy it (it was a little spendy), then decided that it was in fact the coolest thing I'd seen in months, and that I couldn't NOT buy it.

To think that everyday utilitarian things used to be made with such care, with such fine materials, with such an eye for aesthetics. Makes one a little nostalgic.

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